Worldwide Shipping Problems?

Logistics and supply chain companies for some supermarkets have warned that worldwide shipping problems will “continue for years” as the pressures of shipping prices and availability are set to take years to fully resolve.

This comes following issues with fuel and China lockdowns continuing to impact supply chains.

They believe these factors will intensify the cost of living crisis, compounding inflation pressures as firms are forced to put up prices.

“It’s going to take a period of years to stabilise and get back to normal,” they say, “It’s very serious overall and another reason why inflation and higher prices are likely to be with us for longer than anybody would like.”

The shipping disruption has also led to soaring costs and poor container availability for a number of businesses, in particular those that import goods from Asia, where a zero Covid-19 policy has knocked ocean freight.

Staffing issues in ports across the UK, America and worldwide have further compounded the issue.

With the above news, what can you do to counteract the shortfalls of your products not being available for your customers? One idea would be to order more than you normally would, but where would you store these extra products?

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We already support food manufacturers, supermarkets, festivals, sporting events and pharmaceutical companies by supplying Temperature Controlled Storage containers to hold their stock before it gets manufactured or delivered.

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