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Unsold beer powers UK homes

May 5, 2021 3:56 pm

While pubs were closed across the UK, thousands of litres of beer that had already been brewed
went past its expiry date – meaning that in many instances, it was simply poured away.

But one independent brewery found a more sustainable solution for what to do with the unsold beer.

Thanks to their green energy focus, the returned beer helped create enough electricity to power
nearly 17,000 average homes for a day using their own wastewater treatment plant.

By making sustainable energy production an integral part of their brewery, they have seen a lot
of benefits especially as brewing is a highly energy-intensive process.

With a strong history in supplying both the major brewery chains and also the independents Seven
Refrigeration supports their operations with additional chilled storage requirements, on their
own sites, as and when they require it.

With the hospitality lockdown finally easing all over the UK, production at breweries will be
increasing to meet the demand and we are ready to support this industry – give us a call to see
how we can help with your storage needs.

Seven Refrigeration supplies Temperature Controlled Storage solutions throughout the UK.
Whether they are to be positioned outside or by skating them inside warehouses, space permitting
of course.

Seven are Portable Cold Storage specialists with vast knowledge and experience in supplying
Refrigerated Containers to a large variety of industries.

Seven can supply 20ft or 40ft Cold Storage Container solutions on a short or long term hire basis.
Delivered directly to your site to support your operation and increase your storage capacity.
We can offer flexible hire terms dependent on your requirements.

Call us to discuss your solution on 01473 261780 or email

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