The Horticulture Supply Chain

Currently the UK Horticulture sector mostly relies on imports to supply enough fruit and veg for everyone all year-round. This accounts to over 80% of all fruit and about half of all vegetables annually.

Earlier this year the House of Lords advised the Government after reviewing the National Farmer Unions strategy to prioritise horticulture on the curriculum and produce a review of fairness in horticulture supply chains.

These discussions have caused certain groups to voice opinion. The Soil association, committed to nature-friendly and organic farming practices have called on the government to double domestic production of fruit and vegetables.

Upon reflection and considering it being World Vegan Month shouldn’t we all get involved and consider a greener and healthier future to allow future generations more access to healthy homegrown alternatives at reasonable costs by increasing domestic production of fruit and vegetables?

What Vegetables do you grow at home, what products have you noticed in abundance at your local store and what are your favourites. Let us know your thoughts.

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