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Some Light on the Horizon

May 27, 2020 2:00 pm

With the lockdown easing in some business sectors the light may just be on the horizon.

One such sector is construction with contractors looking to start their works back up, especially with
supermarket improvements. These types of works can include the complete remodelling of a store,
the changing of in-store refrigerants to more environmentally friendly alternatives to a simple
extension to support an increase in demand.

Whilst these works take place the store must continue trading. So the building contractor must
devise a programme of works to maintain this for their client. During major works at a store their in-
store freezers and chillers may need to be taken off line for a period of time. To support the store
during this period the temporary hire of some refrigerated containers is a must. These can be
delivered to the store to maintain the operational requirement and keep produce on the shelves for
the consumer.

Seven Refrigeration can support any Construction contractor whose work involves taking their
clients in-store freezers and chillers offline by supplying Temperature Controlled Storage solutions.

We are Portable Cold Storage specialists with vast experience in supplying Refrigerated Containers
across the United Kingdom for refits and remodelling.

Seven can supply 20ft or 40ft Cold Storage Container solutions on a short or long term hire basis.
Delivered directly to your site to support your works and maintain the operation for your client. We
can offer flexible hire terms dependent on your requirements.

Call us to discuss your solution on 01473 261780 or email

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