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Seven ready for changes in Food Retailing post COVID-19

April 23, 2020 1:14 pm

At some point, hopefully soon, the country will start the long process of opening up for business. For most, it can’t come quick enough. But during this pandemic, it might create big opportunities for forward-thinking food retailers.

The last few weeks will more than likely reset the industry when the lockdown is lifted, but I would be surprised if the recovery is ‘V’ shaped. More likely it could take longer than people think. What this pandemic has done is expedited future technology becoming more mainstream. I’m not just talking about home delivery, but greater use of click & collect or the various scan, pay n’ go options. Even Amazon are opening stores without any tills, and customers don’t have to use their phones to scan and pay for their shopping. Instead, they simply place items in their shopping bag and walk straight out of the store.

Consumer behaviour will more than likely change to a more balanced work/home lifestyle. Therefore consumers will think differently about where and how they shop. This would mean food retailers needing to adapt to how they supply food to the shelves. On the plus side for the consumer, there is the possibility of a price war between retailers.

With this scenario, it could place a greater strain on the supply chain. We could see wholesalers working closer together to offer greater flexibility. Retailers may discover new suppliers or local suppliers. Food service operators could end up selling directly to the consumers. If wholesalers are looking to the future, there is an opportunity to consolidate their supply chains to save money, but also improve on products being supplied.

With changes coming and with all that collaboration, the supply chain will need support for it to be maintained.

How can Seven Refrigeration support your business?

We are ready to support these future changes and to help all those working in the food industry with their temperature controlled storage requirements.

Seven Refrigeration are portable cold storage specialists with vast experience in supplying refrigerated containers across the UK. We support many food retailers, wholesalers, and all the major supermarkets. Seven can supply 20ft or 40ft cold storage container solutions on a short or long term hire basis. We deliver directly to your site to support operations and add temporary storage capacity. We can also offer flexible hire terms dependent on your requirements.

Contact us to discuss your cold store requirements on 01473 261780 or email

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