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Preventing Ice Build Up

July 22, 2020 12:29 pm

As the summer holidays are now upon us we all hope the warmer weather returns.

Of course, with warmer weather comes with the risk of Ice Build Up in any temporary cold storage containers.
How can we prevent this from happening?

Ice build-up is caused when moist air enters the cold store. Sometimes there can be thin layers of ice which
have the appearance of snow. When moist air comes into contact with cold surfaces such as floors, walls and
evaporator coils, the water vapour in the air condenses to form water and then freezes to form ice.

Moisture typically enters the cold storage unit or freezer during door opening times. As the doors open warmer, moister
air is naturally drawn into the cold store, which in turn causes fog, condensation, ice and snow. Most refrigerated containers
require constant opening and closing of doors to move product, so restricting door opening times is rarely an option.
To help the situation installing PVC curtains strips will reduce the amount of warm moist air entering the cold store.

How can you reduce ice build up in cold stores?

1/ Limit the Number of Door Openings
Do not underestimate how much moisture enters the cold store every time the doors are open. If you can reduce the number
of seconds the door is opened you will significantly reduce the amount of moist air entering the cold store. An option
might be to pull the door closed when inside the refrigerated container looking for product. Placing the machine on a manual Defrost-Cycle
will temporally pause the machine fans which will help reduce the amount of warm moist air being pulled in.

2/ Install PVC Strip Curtains
PVC Strip Curtains are a good way to reduce the amount of air that enters the cold store during door openings. The curtains
act as a barrier so that it is harder for the moist air to get into the refrigerated unit, but companies will have to ensure
colleagues don’t remove or tie them back to make it easier for them to move in/out of the cold storage containers.

The analogy we use here at Seven Refrigeration when discussing this issue with people is ‘You wouldn’t leave your fridge
freezer door open at home for long periods of time, would you?’

How can Seven Refrigeration support your business?

Seven Refrigeration are specialists in refrigerated storage solutions with vast experience in supplying refrigerated shipping
containers across the United Kingdom for many different industries.

Seven can supply 20ft or 40ft temperature controlled containers on a short or long term hire basis.
Our cold storage containers can be delivered directly to your site to support your operation and help maintain your supply to your customers.
We can offer flexible hire terms dependent on your requirements.

Call us to discuss your solution on 01473 261780 or email

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