Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend that the container should sit on hard standing and level ground.

The driver will do what he can to level the container, and the engineer will finish off any levelling at commission.

Typically, our containers will range from +15 to -25 degrees. However, if you require anything more specific, then please call 01473 261780.

Yes, we have a service programme for our fleet, and we arrange services annually.

Yes, our entire fleet is supplied with a moveable ramp.

Yes, the hire fleet is supplied with a panic alarm, sounder and siren.

Yes, our hire fleet is supplied with lights.

Yes, the fleet is supplied with flat flooring.

No, it is the customer’s responsibility to provide padlocks.

It’s the same as the regular office number, 01473 261780.

This is a possibility, and we would perform a site survey before confirming the delivery can take place.

We use gases such as R404a, R134a and R744 (Co2) natural gas.