Complete storage solutions and temperature monitoring systems suitable for a diverse range of industries and sectors.

Temperature Controlled Storage Units

Seven Refrigeration provides a comprehensive range of temperature controlled storage units for most environments, from food to pharmaceutical. Our refrigerated containers support businesses like yours across the UK.

We provide 20-foot and 40-foot units, offering bespoke cold storage solutions to our customers. You can have just one single temperature control, from +15 to -25 degrees, or multi-compartmental options should you need it.

Our refrigerated storage units are available for short or long term hire, or purchase if required. Take a look at our full range of refrigerated and ambient storage solutions, and contact us today to discuss your temperature controlled storage requirements,

NaturaLINE temperate controlled storage

Refrigerated Containers

Available in either 20ft or 40ft, our cold storage units are suitable for a wide range of sectors, from food to pharmaceutical.

Ambient Containers

Available in either 20ft or 40ft, we offer a selection of ambient steel storage containers

Delivery of a temperate controlled container

Specialist Containers

Our dedicated and experienced team can help in providing a storage solution which is best suited for each customer.

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We Offer A Comprehensive Range Of Refrigeration Services For Temperature Controlled Environments.