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COP26 and Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

November 2, 2021 12:31 pm

First of all, what is COP26 and what is its purpose? COP stands for ‘Conference of the Parties’ and will be attended by countries that signed the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change which was an agreement reached back in 1994. This is the 26th meeting between the parties which explains what we are all reading and watching on the news.

The importance of this 26th meeting is more prominent than ever, having seen how nature has reacted during the pandemic when people were told to stay indoors. We were seeing wildlife, the O-Zone layer and carbon emissions all recover back to healthier levels. But since life has gone back to a new kind of normal we have seen some adverse conditions. Floods in Germany, heatwaves in Canada, which have never been seen before, and the Siberian Arctic which was described as “burning”.

Our planet is 1.1 degrees warmer than pre industry levels and on course for an increase of 2.7 degrees by 2030 which could be catastrophic. So COP26 are now trying to solve how we can reduce our carbon emissions and see Mother Nature thrive once more. There is talk of a heavier reliance on wind and solar power, moving across to electric cars, banning deforestation and even decarbonising some industries by introducing green steel and green cement.

One thing is for certain is that we, as a planet, have a duty to act now to have a positive effect on the future.

Seven Refrigeration are continuing to reduce their carbon footprint in 2021 and beyond by investing in more Carrier NaturaLINE machines in their new Refrigerated Container fleet. These containers will be delivered to our customers over the remainder of this year to support their operations in the run-up to Christmas.

The Carrier NaturaLINE machine uses the natural refrigerant CO2, which has a Global warming potential (GWP) of 1. The lowest it can be!

This is just one of a number of commitments the Seven Group of companies are making to work towards a greener future. Not only are we investing in EV vehicles for our company fleet, but we can also supply solutions for other companies who are looking for an EV solution for their fleet. You can read more about this here; Seven-Supercharged

Seven Refrigeration supplies Temperature Controlled Storage solutions throughout the UK. Whether they are to be positioned outside or by skating them inside warehouses, space permitting of course.

Seven are Portable Cold Storage specialists with vast knowledge and experience in supplying Refrigerated Containers to a large variety of industries.

Seven can supply 20ft or 40ft Cold Storage Container solutions on a short or long term hire basis. Delivered directly to your site to support your operation and increase your storage capacity. We can offer flexible hire terms dependent on your requirements.

Call us to discuss your solution on 01473 261780 or email

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