Carbon Neutral Eggs

One of the UK’s major supermarket chains has launched “carbon neutral eggs” from hens fed on insects.

The eggs are the first product to be sold as part of the supermarket chain’s drive to be directly supplied by zero-emission British farms.

The hens laying the eggs are fed a soya-free diet, including insects fed on food waste from the supermarket’s own bakery, fruit and vegetable.

This takes place by using an insect “mini farm” container from a British start-up installed on site.

Insects are a natural part of chickens’ diet and they do not affect the quality, shelf life or taste of the eggs.

Cutting out the soya avoids the emissions associated with clearing forests and other lands to grow the crop in places such as Brazil, and the transport pollution from shipping the feed.

The farm where the first stock of carbon neutral eggs is coming from also has a large wind turbine, solar panels and a programme to offset any remaining emissions on the farm, with a fifth of its land planted with trees.

The free-range eggs will initially be available in 50 stores.

This move will save thousands of CO2 and save 56 hectares of South American land from deforestation every year – this can’t be back at all.

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