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Food Industry to Easily Calculate Carbon Footprint

September 9, 2020 12:24 pm

As the world becomes more conscious with climate change an easier way for food industry brands to calculate their
carbon footprint is now available.

Consumers are looking for food industry brands who are able to demonstrate how they are reducing their carbon

A new start-up Swedish company is gaining momentum recently by helping brands to easily calculate and communicate
their carbon footprint to their suppliers and consumers, in the hope that transparent climate labels on products
will help end consumers consume more wisely, and be more conscious of their environmental impact.

Seven Refrigeration are continuing to reduce their carbon footprint in 2020 by investing in more Carrier NaturaLINE machines
in their new 20ft and 40ft Refrigerated Containers.
These containers will be delivered to their customers over the next couple of months to support their operations in the run-up to Christmas.

The Carrier NaturaLINE machine uses the natural refrigerant CO2, which has a Global warming potential (GWP) of 1; the lowest it can be!

Seven Refrigeration supplies refrigerated containers throughout the UK to a variety of industries.
As refrigerated storage specialists we have a wealth of knowledge in delivering refrigerated shipping containers, whether they are outside
or within warehouses, space permitting.

Seven can supply 20ft or 40ft temperature controlled storage containers on a short or long term hire basis. Our unit are delivered directly to your site
to support operations and increase storage capacity. We can offer flexible hire terms dependent on your requirements.

Call us to discuss your solution on 01473 261780 or email

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