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Attitude towards Dairy in Pandemic Increases Sales

February 12, 2021 1:40 pm

During the pandemic, research has shown that shoppers drank more milk and ate more cheese,
in many cases purchasing their shopping online. Plant-Based alternatives also saw an uptake too.

The research carried out last year during the pandemic found that four in 10 shoppers purchased milk more
than once a week. Back in Spring 2020, there was an immediate increase in diary sales, mainly in
the home, which isn’t a surprise.

The increase in milk purchases was mainly in the younger generation, with 44% of 18-34 years old
buying milk more often.

The research also found that shopping habits changed, three in 10 bought their milk online which was
more than buying it from their local convenience store. Apart from price the other main factor was
shelf life with shoppers concerned about panic buying in the early days of lockdown. Cow’s milk was by
far the largest type of milk purchased but sales in alternatives like Almond, Soya, Coconut and Rice
milk also saw sales increase.

Cheese saw an increase during last year with a fifth eating more. Eating cheese at home soared with
sales of cheddar increasing by 10% with households using it for sandwiches and snacks. Shoppers also
back British cheeses more with four in 10 stating they ate more British produced cheese than continental

Younger shoppers are also open to more plant-based options, so it’s no surprise that they are more likely
to try or have tried plant-based alternatives to cheese.

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