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Additional Storage for the Frozen Fish & Fish Bait Industry

November 12, 2021 5:13 pm

Seven Refrigeration has supported many producers and suppliers in the fish industry for many years and is equipped to support the fishing industry during a time where Brexit rules are causing tension around who can and can’t fish in UK and EU waters.

In the last year, there were 4,301 active fishing vessels in the UK. Around 61% of these vessels were under 10 meters in length and more often than not operated within 6 miles from the shore. We support fisherman, fisheries and sea bait merchants who need to store their fresh produce in temperature-controlled environments.

In 2020 the turnover of the UK fishing fleets was £843 million and the UK fleet landed 620,000 tonnes of fish and shellfish, which are large numbers. However, 2020 was heavily affected by the pandemic and turnover had in fact been above the £1 billion mark for the previous three years. Now that we are coming out the other side of the pandemic the industry is only going one way.

Here is a short film about a crab producer which Seven Refrigeration has supported for a number of years.

Seven Refrigeration supplies Temperature Controlled Storage solutions throughout the UK. Whether they are to be positioned outside or by skating them inside warehouses, space permitting of course.

Seven are Portable Cold Storage specialists with vast knowledge and experience in supplying Refrigerated Containers to a large variety of industries.

Seven can supply 20ft or 40ft Cold Storage Container solutions on a short or long term hire basis. Delivered directly to your site to support your operation and increase your storage capacity. We can offer flexible hire terms dependent on your requirements.

Call us to discuss your solution on 01473 261780 or email

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